Our Services

1. Prepare the property for lease. Determine necessary repairs, meet vendors for bids,
obtain owner’s approval, and oversee work completed.
2. Take professional photos of your property.
3. Prepare professional flyers on your property.
4. Install “For Lease” sign with “flyer box” with brochures for prospective tenants.
5. Show your property to prospective tenants.
6. Obtain credit reports and screen tenants.
7. Advertise your property in Multiple Listing Service. Any commission paid to a cooperating
broker paid by Sail Properties, Inc.
8. Advertise your property on our web site: Sailproperties.com, Realtor.com,
Craigslist, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and other Internet Sites.
9. Perform detailed Move-In Inspection in writing and with photos signed by new
10. Prepare all legal contracts, lease agreements, and mandatory disclosures.
11. Go over with tenant all contracts and rules & regulations.
12. Perform Pre Move-Out Inspection with tenants prior to them vacating.
13. When tenant vacates, perform detailed Move-Out Inspection in writing.
14. Prepare a complete accounting of tenant’s security deposit.
15. Deposit rental income into Sail Properties, Inc. trust account with Chase Bank on
owner’s behalf. Availability of electronic transfers.
16. Pay owner’s bills as needed.
17. Monthly owner draw deposited to owner’s own account or mailed to owner with detailed
monthly accounting.
18. Serve 3-Day, 30 Day, 60 Day Notices when required and Change of Terms Notices.
19. ALL calls from tenants come to our office.
20. We coordinate any repairs with reliable and reasonable trades’ people.
21. Act as an intermediary providing security and protection for the owners as tenant
does not have your contact information.

Our Fees:
– One-half of the first month’s rent to find a qualified tenant for a vacant unit. 
– Thereafter, 8% of the monthly rent.